The Resting Place of the Mortal Remains of the Founder of the Opus Dei

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The purpose of this graphic document is to objectively share with the reader the details of the resting place of the mortal remains of the founder of the Opus Dei. The translation of the text, which appears in the original Spanish sources, was made by a competent translator.


"Bishops Álvaro del Portillo, beatified in 2014, and Javier Echevarría, St. Josemaría's first and second successors at the head of Opus Dei are buried in a small crypt below the church of Santa Maria de la Paz (Holy Mary of the Peace), in Rome.

Initially, St. Josemaría was buried in this crypt on June 27, 1975. On the marble slab was placed, under the seal of Opus Dei, the inscription: EL PADRE (THE FATHER), which still remains. After his beatification, in 1992, the body of the founder was moved to the prelature church, under the altar, where he is today." (1)

Below, photos of the aforementioned marble slab:

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"Josemaría Escrivá died on June 26, 1975 in Rome, in his office in Villa Tévere, the headquarters of Opus Dei. He was buried the next day in the place planned years ago, a crypt located in the same building. In 1992 and 2002, on the occasion of his beatification and his canonization, the coffin with his sacred remains was transferred to the basilica of Saint Eugene to facilitate their veneration by the faithful. Later it was definitively placed in the Church of Santa María de la Paz (Holy Mary of the Peace), also located in Villa Tévere. His body rests in an urn placed under the altar." (5)

[That is to say, this is the same Church of Santa María de la Paz (Holy Mary of the Peace) where, in the basement, there is the black slab that still keeps the label of "EL PADRE" (THE FATHER)]

Below, photos of the aforementioned urn under the altar that currently contains the mortal remains of the founder of the Opus Dei.

Source (5)

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Next photographs show details of the throne behind the altar:

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     (At the left is Javier Echevarría Rodríguez, who was the Opus Dei Prelate until 2016)
(6) Unknown source (found in google-images)

Published on July 6th, 2018