by Alfonso Carlos de Borbón

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We believe that this work by Alfonso Carlos de Borbón on the reality of Opus Dei is of such historical, religious and social value that we have digitized, and translated into English the first part of the book which came to us in .pdf format. The product of this digitalization and translation is in .html format, so that the sections can be easily copied and/or downloaded.

An important aspect of this work, with which we cannot agree, is that Mr. de Borbón seems to refer to the Jews as if they were a homogeneous monolith, that is, they are all the same and have the same agenda.

This would be the same, and as wrong, as considering all Catholics as if they constituted a homogenous monolith with Opus Dei and shared Escriva's agenda - which could not be further from the truth.

There is no doubt that there is a Jewish faction that cooperates with Opus Dei, and that is what Mr. de Borbón rightly wants to expose.  This Jewish faction obviously does not know the true disposition that Opus Dei has towards anything related to Jews - practicing or not.

The Editors of the English Version

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The author's discovery of three new dimensions in the explanation of Opus Dei gives a glimpse of the key to its rapid ascent, its financial hegemony and its power in the shadows.

The book captures the suggestive and hidden face of the "Work of God" as a destructive and totalitarian sect, showing us the silenced blight of an artificial and design life - such was the existence of Esciva - and finally paragons Opus Dei with the "semen of Abraham" or "Jewish soul" which, in its connections and dependencies, culminates as a thesis of an interpretative, serious and truthful work.

The unheard of and the surprise make reading this work an unfinished adventure. To live the episodes of this book with imagination is to protect oneself from being fooled and deceived by them.

Its reading is not recommended for faint of heart.
Alfonso Carlos de Borbón

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