10. The World Government, the New Order and Opus Dei

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A journalist from the French daily Le Monde wondered as early as 1972 whether one could speak of an "Opus Dei conspiracy" (190), since theological maneuvers can mask the hidden side, the shadow of the ultra-secret apparatus of the Jewish project of world conquest, Opus Dei being, in this case, a strategic weapon of that Great Conspiracy.

One thing is certain and that is that "all the members of Opus Dei are convinced that they belong to the Order that is going to conquer the century with the help of modern weapons, "grey matter" and money that guarantees the control of opinion. (191) The news was anticipated in the French publication Le espectacle du monde.

The myth, the legend and the confirmation of the existence of hidden governments, superpowers and great powers that act in silence and under cover, is not a new one, being generally associated these plots to the world power, especially in the economic and its derivatives: the Jews, as invisible rulers of History. For Serge Hutin (192) the fate of nations often depends on men who do not hold official positions. These are secret societies, real hidden governments that decide our destiny without our knowledge.

The term "secret society" is commonly understood to mean a more or less numerous group of people, characterized by meetings strictly limited to their followers and also by absolute silence regarding the ceremonies and rituals in which the symbols and instructions attributed to this society are manifested. The purposes of these secret societies can be very varied: political, religious, spiritual, philosophical or even criminal. Opus Dei would be related to this type of society. There is no doubt about the important role of politics, economics, religion, influence peddling and control of the media in various countries and institutions, and so the possibilities of such secret contacts between this organization and societies struggling for world empire cannot be excluded.

The writer Vázquez Montalván stated (193) that "Escrivá de Balaguer, López Bravo, Calvo Serer, López Rodó... were the tip of the iceberg, but the earthly strength of Opus Dei was due above all to the hidden part of the iceberg, 'clarifying that' the law of truth is established in the subsoil of cities, the history of truth is written by the top secret information services and the spiritual power is held by the most secret sects... The disappearance of pyramid builders does not imply the disappearance of secret gallery builders. The whole world is today a gruyere excavated by the secrets of plutonic athletes of Opus Dei and one of the widest and best constructed of the tunnels leads to the very heart of the Vatican. Opus Dei has recovered its sense of the occult and no one today is in a position to answer the question: Who are they? Where are they?

Therefore the most loyal and effective means of fighting one's enemies is to vulgarize their doctrines, revealing the truth that, no matter how much they try to oppress it, in the end always comes out. As St. John says "only the truth will set us free". (194)

In order to dominate the earth, the coordination and collation of a world government is necessary. The philosopher Joseph de Maistre already announced the danger that was looming over Rome because of the action of sects conspired for that purpose. To carry out missions of this magnitude, the "true holders of power, those who pull the strings, live in the shadow, behind the curtain". (195)

Pope St. Pius X declared that "the danger today is almost in the bowels and veins of the Church; their blows are therefore safer because they know where to strike best. (196)

Not for nothing did one of the leaders of Judaism, Alfred Nossing, write in Integrales Judentum (197) that "the Jewish community is more than a people in the modern political sense of the word. It is the depository of a world historical, I would even say cosmic, mission entrusted to it by its founders, Noah and Abraham, Jacob and Moses... The primordial conception of our ancestors was to found not a tribe, but a World Order destined to guide humanity in its development. This is the true and only meaning of choosing the Hebrews as the chosen people. Gesta naturae per judeos, that is the formula of our History. A spiritual order destined to guide the development of Humanity".

We start from the fact that Opus Dei cannot confess its true aims even to the majority of its followers who are unaware of the Jewish work that operates through and in harmony with its press, through its influence in the Church, with its specific weight in national economic circles, in the information circuits of the secret services with which it collaborates, especially with the Mossad, with the control exercised over its devout and sometimes unwary contributors. The ambush, however, has a more recondite explanation and that is that Opus is a necessary cooperator for the last phase of Judaism in its serpentine closure.

Both Jews and their cooperators in Opus Dei make up a small percentage of the world's population, yet they control and decide on most of the world's wealth. A few, by means of their own means, move the levers that affect the whole world. Imbued with their predestination of domination, their messianism engenders the idea of the advent of Israel as the center of the world, in the omphalos terrae, as the axis and the hinge of everything that moves. His fullness and glory will be when all the weight of power, all the burden of wealth, is concentrated under his new order. The new Jewish order is inscribed on all American bank notes, on all the handfuls of dollars that circulate in the world, where one can read, in capital letters, the phrase "New Order of the Century" in Latin, that is, its word of order is based on money, and Opus Dei has taken this choice very well. For Israel to reign, Christ must be abolished, he must be crucified again without the possibility of resurrection.

Opus Dei forms part of the Apocalypse. It is one more step and one step forward for the symbolic serpent to close and complete its circle. And when the snake bites its own tail, embraces and strangles the nations, and they are all grasped inside, the chains that are established will be irredeemable and the strangulation of freedom will have been consummated. The era of submission to the new world order will begin. It will be mundialism in power. It will be the pontificate of the golden ox. The victory and the triumph of Opus Dei.

But to reach this irreversible situation, "the hidden intelligence that directs the destinies of men is still necessary, since the visible political and economic leaders are only, in reality, puppets moved by wise men. (198)

That is why it is necessary to use Masonic methods, even within the Catholic Church itself, such as those practiced by Opus Dei, in order to destroy it from within and up close. It is symptomatic that the Work of Escriva is graphically represented as a dense, prehensile, tentacular "spider's web".

All this is to reach the state of the spiritus mundi, of the New World Order, of the soul of the world, the degree to which the philosopher's stone, which has previously been transmuted into gold and sublimated, leads men to trade and market with the spiritual and with the most sacred of man, which is the defrauding of his faith.

The world is governed either by the ideas of the Jewish Marx or by the principles of the wild and selfish capitalism propelled by the Jewish minds. The Jew continues to dream of the earthly kingdom, where he will impose his postulates and values, because that is what Isaiah prevented and glimpsed in his famous prophecy of the empire of the world. Man will cease to be such, to move to the condition of human material, productive element or consumption as appropriate.

We have to think that Jewish messianism, which calls itself universalist, mundialist, is in reality nothing more than an imperialism in disguise but absolute. New Order equals pan-Israelism or if you prefer pan-Judaism, where the unification of the world is forged through Jewish Law, under the direction and domination of the priestly people.

A devastating brotherhood is at hand. The great fraternity that is announced will be that of the brothers and sisters, those who consider themselves brothers; the others will only be considered slaves.

Opus Dei will take on, in the role assigned to it in the New World Order, the task of sabotaging religious and spiritual centers, a bastion inaccessible by other means to the masters of the world.

The New Order is the Jewish master plan drawn up in the past and pursued generation after generation with persevering tenacity. It is the same that the Jews of Arles announced to those of Constantinople in 1489, the same that Rabbi Reichhorn confirmed in 1869 on the tomb of the great Rabbi Simeon Ben Ihuda, the same that is revealed by Bernard Lazare or the one that appears in his famous Protocols of 1897 agreed upon in Basel.

For that they need a Pope who is suited to their needs, who is committed to the plot. It is written in the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion that it is planned by the Jews "to penetrate to the very heart of the papal court, from which nothing in the world can drive us out, until we have destroyed the power of the papacy.

New World Order means new religion, new dogma, new ritual, new priesthood. The new religious, political and social redeemer "will reign over humanity by impersonal institutions", sheltered in the propaganda of this new weapon of our times. The novelty will be that in the contest for world domination, the Jewish world is betting on a winner.

The swords are high, once again raised by the crusaders of faith, under the sacrosanct sign of victory.


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