Communist Cuba:

The Monster I Helped Create and Maintain

And Which Now I Denounce


Andrés Alfaya Torrado

Andrés Alfaya Torrado knows quite well who are the true masters of Cuba – he intimately worked for them.
Andrés was under the wing of “Che” Guevara since his teenage years. A fighter from the Sierra del Escambray, he was fervently involved in the construction of a communist Cuba.

Because he was very close to the top leaders, he was able to learn what was at the root of their power.

As an organizer and member of the G-2, the Cuban secret service, he was able to determine the degree of penetration of the Soviets in the island nation and has reconstructed, for the benefit of all, the entire secret history of the Cuban revolution, a history which he now reveals in English for the first time, and in great detail.

He witnessed how the Soviets, through the Cubans, destabilized Angola and  as well as the Latin American states. He shows how the KGB shaped the Cuban G-2 in its own way, controlling the whole island nation through it.

Every word here has the weight of a revelation. This close companion of the "Che" was eventually suffocated by the totalitarian structures and cynicism of the true masters of Cuba.

This book is not the work of a disenchanted intellectual, but that of a man of action who knows how he, and the rest of the world, have been, and continue to be fooled.

It has been now published in English for the first time since it saw the light in 1981. Ironically, considering what has happened in the geopolitical scene since then, its contents are far more important now than they were when originally published in French.

You may now access The Book.